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Browning Collectors Association >> Bio > John M. Browning Inventions

Notable Inventions



  • Most popular sporting firearm in history, Model 1894 Winchester 30-30 Still in
    (Over 6 million have been produced)



  • Most popular shotgun produced, Model Auto 5 until it was surpassed by Remington’s 870. Manufactured by Browning from 1903 until 1998.  It was also produced by Remington, Savage, and others.
    (Over 4 Million produced)



  • Most popular pistol ever produced, Model 1911 Colt Army. Produced by Colt and others from 1911 until now. (Estimated over 10 million produced)



  • Most popular machine gun ever produced, Model 1917 and various models using the same recoil system. Produced from 1917 until present. (Estimated over 10 million produced)



  • Most popular .22 caliber rim fire rifle ever produced, Model 1890 Winchester. Produced from 1890 until present. (Winchester produced over 2.5 million.  Other manufacturers are still producing)



  • Most popular .22 caliber pistol semi-automatic design. Colt Woodsman-Challenger-Huntsman line. 
    (Over 650,000 produced)

Firearms Firsts

  • Gas operated machine gun, 1889.



  • Gas operated machine gun to be adopted by U.S. Government, Model 1895 Colt Peacemaker,
    Also known as “The Potato Digger”



  • Gas operated semi-automatic pistol, 1895



  • Lever action shotgun, Model 1887 Winchester



  • Recoil operated semi-automatic shotgun, Model Auto 5, 1900



  • Gas operated assault rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) circa 1908-1909



  • Water cooled recoil operated machine gun, Model 1917, .30 caliber, 1901



  • .50 caliber water cooled machine gun, 1918



  • 37 MM Aircraft cannon, later used on the Model P39 Air Cobra, WWII, 1921


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